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Frans Vermeulen

Book Author Full Name: Frans Vermeulen

Books by this Author

  1. Synoptic Materia Medica II

    Synoptic 2 was originally written as a sequel to Synoptic 1. It is a materia medica of what in 1996, were classed as ‘small remedies’. Ten years on, when homeopaths are more used to working with families of remedies, and are therefore as comfortable with the unusual as the polychrest, this book can ...
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  2. The New Synoptic One (2nd edition)

    Synoptic Materia Medica, affectionately known as the Silver Book, dawned with a shimmer of light that pierced the darkness of prescribed materia medica reading in 1992. Until this time, student and practitioner alike had to face the dense impenetrability of 19th century Latinate language to understa ...
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  3. Concordant Reference (second edition)

    Homeopaths are always eager to have the latest repertory with the most additions to keep the greatest amount of info at their...
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  4. Synoptic Reference 2

    Homeopaths are always eager to have the latest repertory with the most additions to keep the greatest amount of info at their...
    € 69,00
  5. Synoptic Reference 1

    Homeopaths are always eager to have the latest repertory with the most additions to keep the greatest amount of info at their...
    € 79,95
  6. Prisma Reference

    222 Remedies Extensive Source & Substance information Latest scientific names and groupings Themes...
    € 75,00
  7. DVD 'Dangerous Liaisons' Plants Orders and Families in Class Liliidae.

    Was held on February16, 17 and 18, 2007 in Berkeley, California)All three days (18 hours) now available on DVD!ASPARAGALESDIOSCOREALESLILIALESORCHIDALESThe above plant orders include many well known families such as Dioscoreaceae, Agavaceae, Colchicace ...
    € 87,50
  8. Prisma, Das Arcanum der MM

    PRISMA MATERIA MEDICA will Parallelen und Ähnlichkeiten zwischen homöopathischen Arzneimittelbildern aufzeigen und die Substanzen schildern, von denen sie stammen. Zusätzlich werden in diesem Werk weniger bekannte Aspekte der kleineren Polychreste beleuchtet und klarer dargestellt. Seit den Zeiten, ...
    € 99,00
  9. Monera, Kingdom Bacteria and Viruses

    Inside the front cover is a comprehensive ‘map’ showing the taxonomy of Bacteria. A matching map traces the taxonomy of the Viruses inside the back cover. By this means, and the device of running headings, you can navigate your way around the book and the complex relationships of bacteria and of vir ...
    € 54,50
  10. Synoptische Materia Medica II

    Dieses buch behandelt alte und neue Arzneimittel, solche die ‘klein’ sind oder noch unbekannt um ‘gross’ zu sein. Die vorliegende Sammlung umfast 348 Arzneimittelbilder. Zur Zusammenstelling dieses Werkes hat Frans Vermeulen einige wohlbekannten Werke zu Rate gezogen, wie etwa Bœricke, B ...
    € 81,50
  11. Neue Synoptische Materia Medica 1

    „Das Buch ist ursprünglich aus dem Bedürfnis von Frans Vermeulen erwachsen, die ungeheuren Mengen homöopathischer Informationen für seine Studenten in einfache, überschaubare Arzneimittelbilder zu gliedern. Es stellte sich als ein erschreckend schwieriges Unterfangen heraus. Doch dieser Mann ist ein ...
    € 62,00
  12. Prisma Materia Medica

    Prisma: The Arcana of Materia Medica Illuminated is a fully expanded version of Synoptic One, containing the same remedies, and also an encyclopaedic amount of information on the source, zoology, chemistry, physics, distribution, folklore, mythology and history of the remedies. This contextual mater ...
    € 71,00
  13. Fungi, Spectrum series Vol. 2

    The Materia Medica of Fungi is as elusive and mysterious as the fungi themselves. The repertories list 72 fungi, of which 27 have less than 20 symptoms; 40 exist in name only, and perhaps 13 might appear in a repertorization. Our knowledge, themes and signatures have to date come from the alphabet o ...
    € 57,00
  14. Plants - Homeopathic and Medicinal Uses from a Botanical Family Perspective (4 vol.)

    A wonderful development in homeopathy in recent years has been the recognition of the shared characteristics of remedies in groups, an idea that has continued to bear fruit. There have been various methods of making the grouping divisions, including biological, chemical, morphological and symptomato ...
    € 333,00
  15. Konkordanz der Materia Medica

    Die Konkordanz der Materia Medica folgt dem Vorbild Bœricke „die größtmögliche Anzahl zuverlässiger Daten der Materia Medica auf kleinstem Raum“ zusammenzustellen. Die Sammlung einer vollständigen aber handlichen Materia Medica — dies war Frans Vermeulens Ziel, als er mit der Arbeit an der Kon ...
    € 129,00

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  16. Reptiles (Materia Medica)

    Materia Medica, Clinical Manifestations, Affinities, Biological Profiles and Characteristics of Colubrids, Constrictors, Crocodilians, Dinosaurs, Elapids, Lizards, Pit Vipers, Sea Snakes, True Vipers, Turtles, Worm lizards.
    € 72,50