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Vaccination and Homoeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th edition

Isaac Golden

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Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

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Vaccination and Homoeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th edition


The first edition of this book was published in 1989, containing the authors research using orthodox medical references, as well as the first results from studying responses from parents whose children used his homoeoprophylaxis program.

Over the years the research program has grown, the evidence questioning the long-term safety of vaccination has grown, and significant new data about the safety and effectiveness of homoeoprophylaxis has been included in the new edition.

This is the most comprehensive international reference book on this controversial topic, with referenced data substantiating the effectiveness and safety of homoeoprophylaxis, as well as the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. This permits a scientific comparison of the two methods, something which is not seen in the orthodox literature. It is a book of facts, not supposition.

The author calls for the use of both methods of immunisation to be freely available within the mainstream health-care system, something which would increase national coverage against targeted diseases, at a reduced cost to government, as well as reducing the incidence of vaccine-induced chronic disease; a win-win for all except multinational pharmaceutical companies and their dependents. A book for parents and politicians, as well as practitioners.

Dr Isaac Golden was the first person to be awarded a PhD from a mainstream Australian university for research in a homoeopathic topic.

The rigorous scrutiny of the data presented in this book can give readers confidence in the rigor and objectivity of the evidence supporting homoeoprophylaxis, and the balance of the recommendations.


ISBN 9780957872677
Taal Engels
Auteur Isaac Golden
Pagina's 440
Publicatie Datum 2010
Binding Paperback
Uitgever Golden, Isaac