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Cyrus Maxwell Boger

Book Author Full Name: Cyrus Maxwell Boger

Books by this Author

  1. Studies in the Philosophy of Healing

    This compact book serves as a guide to common eye disorders and their management Along with homoeopathic therapeutics. It explains treatment in simple terms and seeks to avoid jargon and technical details. It is intended for busy practitioners, as well as all those working in fields related to eye disease. This book will be an aid to the...
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  2. A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica

    A short repertory plus a synopsis of 323 remedies. Dr. P. Sankaran describes Dr. Boger as a man of few words, describing in one line or even one word what Kent describes in a paragraph. In that style, each remedy description is succinct, giving the region of affinity of the remedy, its modalities and its specific symptoms, with it all...
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  3. Study of Materia Medica and Case Taking

    This ready reference book is extremely easy to use as all the rubrics are listed alphabetically.  It contains all the rubrics relating to human likes and dislikes and their related outcomes (eg. Motion, aversion to, Abdomen, heaviness of, during) and it shows the appropriate remedies associated with each of the rubrics.  This is...
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  4. Boenninghausen's Characteristics Materia Medica and Repertory with word index

    One of the greatest pieces of homeopathic literature, incorporating the combined observations & logic of Boenninghausen & the wide & wise observations garnered by Dr. Boger from long years of study & practice. Very useful for working out cases rich in particulars. It introduced several newer features such as complete symptom,...
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  5. Times of Remedies and Moon Phases

    Dr. Boger has emphasised the importance of "time-factor" and the "moon-phases" in the action of drugs. He was of the opinion that the particular time when a medicine manifests its full therapeutic action is often of decisive importance. ...
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